PIAG Mission
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Always thinking on the art education and enjoyment of the community

Our Mission:

PIAG Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to plan, organize, promote and disseminate the visual arts in all its forms and manifestations throughout our community, South Florida, Nationwide and Worldwide.

We believe that art is a fundamental element in any healthy society this is why we put an enormous amount of effort in creating outreach programs that will touch the lives of many.

This concept motivates PIAG Museum to provide art education to the community through different projects. Some are centered in our main museum location and these include but are not limited to: art exhibitions, art classes, art seminars, and art competitions. Others take place at different locations, fulfilling the needs of the different groups. And many are part of our PIAG Museum on Wheels.

PIAG Museum is well known by its dedication to promoting emerging as well as established artists by implementing art exhibits focused on the individual creative qualities rather than on extensive resumes, always thinking on the enjoyment of our Community. 

We are absolutely committed to conceptualizing art projects with the means to involve participants including both active and passive audiences (art providers and art recipients).

Knowing the importance of learning how to love, to protect and to take care of our planet, we are also aiming to create awareness on environmental related issues that affect our quality of life today and the future of generations to come. Our goal is to use art as the main tool to express a message with a positive and educational twist.

The phrase “ If people can’t go to the museum…the museum will go to the people” captures the concept of PIAG Museum on Wheels. This mobile museum travels through the communities while advancing public appreciation of art at schools, universities, nursing homes and special events. By bringing art, music and workshops to all ages, from the youngsters with their rich imaginations to the senior citizens with their wisdom and life long experiences, we have successfully accomplished all our goals.


Today we are proud to say, our mission and our goals have taken us to places, to people, to communities that have welcomed our knowledge, our services and our love for art with opened arms. And on their behalf we will continue to do so for many years to come.