PIAG programs
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Always thinking on the art education and enjoyment of the community


We have several programs in PIAG MUSEUM

PIAG Museum on Wheels
The Mobile Museum visits schools, fairs, summer camps and other events
It’s a way to bring art to people that can’t easily go to a museum.

PIAG Museum and the environment - Earth &Water
PIAG Museum wants to participate in stopping the global warming
by educating and creating projects that support the fight against it and encourages
artist to paint the nature at its best.

Utilize the art and the trees to create new form of art.

Every year PIAG Museum does a photo marathon
for photographers, photo lovers and children.
It’s a competition with a touch of entertainment

Painting classes

We offer painting classes at several events in parks , fairs and schools

Art in the Parks
A program of Piag Museum on wheels to have workshops at parks


For more information call Mireya Perez Power
at: 305-443-0770