Who is PIAG Museum
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Board of Directors, Founders & Honorary Members

Board of Directors

William Power Sr (1927-2007) - Founder, Director, Administrative, Artist.

Born in Venezuela. Worked as an accountant and audit specialist for 23 years. He is a truly creative person, the center of his life has always been painting and teaching art.
For more than 20 years he has been actively involved in the community by donating his time to community agencies and participating in many local activities teaching people of all ages in the US, Venezuela and the Caribbean Islands. Conducted seminars for teachers in public and private schools in the United States and abroad.
Also a fine-art painter with a great passion for Oriental Art as well as landscape views. William exhibited his work in several national and international art shows throughout the years
He was the Director of the Power Academy in Venezuela and President of Power Intl.Art Gallery for 20 years.
He has received certificates of Commendation, Appreciation, and Distinguished Visitor from the Goverment in the City of Miami.
He recently passed away (April 2007) and we will always remember him as an excellent Artist to the Museum and a great father and husband.  see artist’s Painting

Mireya Perez Power-Executive Director - President and Founder

Born in Caracas, Venezuela (1938) Art studies in Florence Italy.
Among the many Latin American artists, she is a well known Venezuelan painter, inventor, art instructor and sculptor. She created and is the Director of Piag Museum and founder of Piag Museum on wheels.
As an Artist her unique tri-dimentional landscapes on undulating canvases utilize classic characteristics in an original new format. The artist titles her recent cration “Landscape on waves”. To produce it , Power discarded the traditional flat surface for an undulating canvas created and copyright whit the name” World on waves sculpture .
The innovation results in work with classic characteristic on a new format that makes it resemble kinetic sculpture.
Her work has been exhibited with great success in several countries like Canada, Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Italy, United States and others.
Power’s talent for capturing the elements of nature: lights, shades and colors especially grays and greens provides her works incredible realism.
Mireya exhibited in Coral Gables and thouthans of art lovers, collector and artist visited in gallery night the galleries
. see artits’s Painting

Carmen Trujillo - Director , Art Curator, Collector, Professor and Founder

Born in la Habana Cuba.
A fine Artist, Curator and Collector she received her education BA, BS, and MFA, from La Havana University and Corcoran School of Art.

She was named the first Hispanic female faculty member, teaching a bilingual (Spanish and English) drawing and painting class at the Corcoran School of Art.
Her works are intense with passion and express experiences of her Hispanic-Cuban American culture. She is actively involved in the community by donating her time to community agencies and participating in many local activities.
She is an Art Museum Curator and Fundator of PIAG MUSEUM
Carmen Trujillo has received distinguished certificates, honors, mentions and awards like Woman’s 21 century Cambridge London Education and the Arts.
in Museums, Galleries, Foundations etc. While exhibiting her work in national and international art galleries and private collections. see artist’s Painting

William-April 2010

Sandra Verde - Vice-President II

Sandra Mendoza de Verde
Born in Venezuela.
Associate Professor from the UPEL University Venezuela.

Experience: Thirty-three years in the field of education as lead professor in the courses of Art History, Venezuelan History, and Universal History. Program professor, Department Head, Sub-Director and Director. Research Director, Research Dean and Vice rector.  
 Award  June 27, 1993  The best professor of the year , Merit of Honor in its first class for 33 years in education. Recognition for her exemplary educational vocation local Government in Yaracuy
Professional Affiliations
Member of “Centro de Historia Naval de Venezuela” , Member  of “ Sociedad Divulgadora  de la Historia  Militar, PR.Public Relation Director of the Society for the Disclosure of Military History, Member of The Venezuelan Collegiate Association of Professors,  Member  of the Professors Venezuelan Association and Vice President of Piag Museums In

 William Power - Advisor
Coordinate all aspects of the construction bid process and the work of contracted architects, contractors and engineers

Foto de Martha Salas kesser

Martha Dominguez Salas Kesser - Vice-President

Born in Venezuela.

With a bachelor of Arts and an associate degree in Advertising Design, Martha has devoted herself to the pursuit of art and advertising over the past twenty years.

She was a full-time teacher at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for four years, training and developing college-level students in the art of advertising design, graphic design, typography, illustration, and portfolio presentation. Successfully increasing the schools enrollment and creating a competitive environment.

Since then she has dedicated her teaching to a younger group offering art as a communication tool that will open many doors and will encourage kids to express themselves freely in a positive manner.

Martha’s paintings have been exhibited in several different galleries in the United States and Venezuela and her ceramics were published in the encyclopedia of living artists in America. She has received numerous honors and awards throughout the years. Actively involved in the community she is constantly donating some of her paintings to non-profit organization. see artist’s Painting


Mila Hajjar - Vice-President III


Foto Martha Power

Martha Power - Perez 
Event coordinator
Web designer & Photographer

Venezuelan. Studied architecture Technology
Works as coordinator for the Museum since the opening.

Honorary Members

International Delegate - Spain
Charo Marin

International Delegate Italy
Vincenzo Caztaldo

Joe A. Martinez - ex Commissioner Miami Dade County District 11

Dr. Sandra Verde

Environment Reporter
Paola Elorza

Performing Arts / Film
Carl Kesser Coconut Grove
Emilio Antonio Perez Miami, Fl