PIAG MUSEUM-Board of Director


Board of Directors:

Director &  President: Mireya Perez Power

Vice president : Martha Dominguez

Vice president: Sandra Verde

Mireya Power

born in Caracas, Venezuela and since very young was interested in the arts. Study arts in Florence Italy when she was very young at the Poggie Imperiale. Since then her passion have taken her far in the art world. She is a well known Venezuelan painter, inventor, art instructor and sculptor. 

Mrs. Power’s triumphs have not come without taking her years of commitment and much effort. As a result, her enthusiastic approach to the arts has made her an important icon in Caracas the city where she was born and in the city of Miami and beyond. A large number of articles have been written regarding her progress, new ideas and projects throughout time and in several local, national and international publications.

Her art has appeared in several galleries worldwide. Power’s talent  captures the elements of nature: lights, shades and colors especially browns and greens giving her works incredible realism.

She has been a coordinator and art curator for National and International exhibitions in the United States, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, St Lucia, Antigua and many countries.

Mrs Perez Power has taught art at all age levels in the United States, Venezuela and the West Indies and conducted seminars for teachers, school students, and older adults in the United States.

Creator of the undulating canvas and the floating art cubes.Her unique tri-dimensional landscapes on undulating canvases utilize classic characteristics in an original new format. The artist titles her recent creation “Landscape on waves”. 

The Floating art cubes are part of a project she created in which she uses this format 

(art cubes) to send a message and portray the beauty of nature and the need to protect our environment. She is always creating and inventing new ways to present art and to showcase it.

Her contribution to South Florida community has been recognized with numerous letters of supports , awards, commendation and proclamations. She received a plaque as one of the 100 successful Hispanic Women.

President of Power International art gallery in Caracas Venezuela and Miami Florida.

Director and founder of Piag Museum since 2003, a non profit Organization dedicated to to plan, organize, promote and disseminate the visual arts in all its forms and manifestations. She promoted emerging as well as established artists by implementing art exhibits focused on the individual creative qualities rather than on extensive resumes.

Her goal is to continue showcasing her art worldwide and also reach many people with the Museum art projects , exhibitions and art workshops. Her programs in PIAG MUSEUM engage art lovers observers and creators in an amazing experience.